Using Alternative Healing Methods for Addiction Recovery

Using Alternative Healing Methods for Addiction Recovery

Alternative healing methods, otherwise known as holistic therapy, is showing great promise for individuals in recovery from addiction. There is no one cure for addiction. And, what works for one person may not work for another. So, it’s best to determine your best ways of healing for recovery. And, be open-minded about trying new things which may help. Consider these alternative healing methods which may help you to establish further healing throughout your recovery journey.

Mindfulness Meditation Used for Recovery Healing

One of the most commonly utilized alternative healing methods utilized by individuals in addiction recovery is mindfulness meditation. Almost any treatment center offers mindfulness meditation sessions for patients in addiction rehabilitation nowadays. And, that’s because it really works to help those dealing with the negative emotions circumstances which result from addiction.

Mindfulness is the ability to be mindful of the present, rather than dwell in the past or be consumed with constant worry about what the future may hold. It’s important for individuals in recovery to be focused on the future because that’s where the healing is taking place. Anxiety over the past and worry for the future can only be detrimental to where our focus is today. Meditating on this can help people to accept where they are in life and to be more grateful for their recovery. Basically, the overall goal of mindfulness meditation for those in recovery is to help shape the mind to focus on positive aspects of life rather than negative so healing can be obtained and sobriety can be maintained.

Mindfulness Yoga Used for Recovery Healing

The same aspects of mindfulness which go into meditation can be applied to yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice which combines physical positioning, utilizing body strength, and focused breathing. Overall, the goal of using mindfulness yoga as alternative therapy is to reassociate the mind with the body. During active addiction, many individuals will lose touch with their own bodies, obtaining drugs which could potentially destroy organ systems and ruin health. So, it’s important to invest time in applications which involve focusing on the connection between the mind and body. This way, individuals in recovery are aware that they, and only they, are responsible for both their thoughts and actions.

Animal Therapy as a Holistic Method to Healing

How can you be unhappy petting a dog or riding a horse? During recovery, individuals will have to deal with emotions they’ve been putting off with drugs or alcohol. Stress, anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness are all emotions you may feel during recovery. But, they can also be triggers to relapse. So, it’s important to have support when the going gets tough and you experience these emotions. Animal therapy has shown great benefits for those who deal with negative emotions as a result of addiction and recovery from drugs or alcohol. Studies have proven that owning pets is good for high stress levels and can even help to maintain health by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Find Alternative Healing Methods Which Work Best for You

You won’t know which alternative healing methods will work best for you until you try them. So, consider trying them during your stay at a sober living facility like the ones offered by The Lily Pad of St. Augustine. If you’re looking for a women’s only sober living environment which incorporates the utilization of alternative healing methods like the ones listed in this article, we’re the home for you! To learn more about our houses, give us a call today at 561-758-1011.

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