What are Dual Diagnosis Programs and How Can They Help?

It’s unfortunate, but many individuals find themselves facing addiction due to self-medicating negative aspects of life. While it’s easy to assume that every drug addict has gotten to where they are due to abusing drugs or alcohol for pleasure, often times it’s more than just the party scene that gets individuals to use in the first place. For almost half [...]

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Identifying and Studying the 5 Stages of Recovery

Anyone who goes through addiction recovery will undoubtedly go through many changes. Changes in relationships, activities, passions, emotions, lifestyles, and much more are bound to happen. But, these changes can differ from individual to individual. However, there are 5 stages of recovery every individual who wants to rid their life of addiction will go through. Stage 1: Acknowledgement of Addiction [...]

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Recognizing Addiction Signs with Negative Consequences of Drug Use

Drinking alcohol and using drugs are such common practices, it seems as though almost everyone takes part. In fact, there are more people who drink or use drugs than those who don’t. And, for many of these substance users, addiction never forms. But, for others, addiction can become a huge problem; one that wreaks havoc and leaves little room for [...]

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Using Alternative Healing Methods for Addiction Recovery

Alternative healing methods, otherwise known as holistic therapy, is showing great promise for individuals in recovery from addiction. There is no one cure for addiction. And, what works for one person may not work for another. So, it’s best to determine your best ways of healing for recovery. And, be open-minded about trying new things which may help. Consider these [...]

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How to Sow a Mindset of Gratitude in Early Recovery

Being grateful for what we have and how far we’ve come allows us to look at the bigger picture. And, as a result, live happier and more productive lives. It’s important for everyone to have gratitude to establish mentally healthy lifestyles. But, it’s even more important for those in early recovery because, without it, addiction relapse may be right around [...]

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The Ins and Outs of 12 Step Sponsorship

Throughout treatment and during recovery, you’ll likely be encouraged to incorporate 12 step meetings into your schedule. 12 step programs are a great way to keep motivated about sobriety and to recognize how far you’ve gone. But, 12 step meetings are also about developing and maintaining recovery relationships. It’s important to establish relationships with others in recovery so that you [...]

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