What You Can Do to Address Fear in Recovery from Addiction

What you can do to Address Fear in Recovery from Addiction

A life of addiction seems scary for people who have never experienced it. But, for those in active addiction, just the opposite it what drives their fear. Even imagining being without an addict’s drug of choice may bring about feelings of panic, disorder, and fear. It’s important to know that there is nothing to fear in recovery from addiction. No, it’s not going to be easy. But, a life of addiction is much more dangerous than a life in recovery. Facing your fear for recovery could be what saves your life.

The Fear of Living without your Drug of Choice

The most obvious fear for a person addicted to a substance thinking of sobriety is the fear of life without the substance. For many, they simply can’t picture their lives without drinking or using their drug of choice. Drinking or drugging becomes not only a habit but a way of life. This lifestyle includes friends, family, and even places. If individuals want to be serious about sobriety, they’ll have to change much about their daily lifestyles. This may mean spending less or no time with the individuals and places that previously encouraged drug use. Yes, it’s scary to wipe a slate clean and start anew, but with time and effort, you’ll eventually see that it gets better!

Fear of Treatment for Drug Addiction

Especially for users of substances that cause extreme withdrawal upon detox, treatment can be a scary subject. Yes, it’s true that many withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable. But, if you choose a medical detox facility, you’ll be treated by addiction specialists who can provide you with non-habit forming medications to reduce symptoms of pain. Another fear in recovery of treatment embarrassment. No one in treatment hasn’t gone through something similar to your situation, and no one is going to judge you. Plus, addiction specialists are bound by confidentiality and cannot give any information about your recovery to any unauthorized (by you) individual.

Fear of Addiction Recovery Failure

This one may seem obvious, but the most stated fear in recovery is of failure. Failure to stay sober, to stay committed, to flourish in treatment, to make amends with family and friends, etc. But, without the fear of failure, how can we have success? Honestly, you will fail. Recovery isn’t just that first decision to get sober. It’s a daily commitment to yourself, your loved ones, and the life that you desire. You will slip. You will backtrack. You will fail in some areas. But, that is not what matters. What matters is if you get up to keep fighting.

Fear in Recovery of Triumph

With addiction comes feelings of shame and guilt. More often than not, individuals addicted to a substance don’t wish to be. In fact, they understand they have a problem but are unwilling to go about seeking help because they don’t think they deserve to get better. They think that the life they have is the one they deserve. This is commonly referred to as self-sabotage. But, you are worthy of triumph. You are worthy of successful recovery, and it’s nothing to fear.

The Fear of Losing Oneself

As time passes, you may think that who you are today is a result of your drinking or using drugs. It’s true that maybe your addiction has led to behaviors you may not have taken part in sober, but addiction doesn’t affect your morality. Good people get addicted too. Also, good people recover from addiction. Recovery won’t make you lose yourself. In fact, getting sober will allow you to experience true emotions and become more aware of self-perception so that you can understand who you truly are behind the mask of your drug addiction.

Overcoming your Fear in Recovery

If you wish to overcome your fears for recovering from addiction, treatment is the next step. Help is available to you so that you can get the tools you need to live a healthy, sober life. Give us a call today at The Lily Pad of St. Augustine to learn more about recovery and what you can do to take the first step on your new adventure to becoming sober!


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