Is It Just Me? Exploring the Causes of Addiction

Is It Just Me? Exploring a Few of the Causes of Addiction

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t care about someone’s age, job, ethnicity, location, sex, or creed. There are no groups of individuals unaffected by addiction. It’s something that affects people all around the world. And, while the government can attempt to change laws and regulations, it’s a disease that’s not letting up as time passes. Every year, more and more individuals are taken because of addiction. And, it has gotten many people to ask, “why?”. Well, after years of research and live examples, specialists have determined that there are a few different causes of addiction. Fortunately, identifying the cause of your addiction can help you to determine the best way of going about treatment and getting effective assistance.

Your Family History and the Influence of Genes

Just like other medical issues, genetics play a factor in addiction. According to published information by the National Institutes of Health, “family studies that include identical twins, fraternal twins, adoptees, and siblings suggest that as much as half of a person’s risk of becoming addicted to nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs depends on his or her genetic makeup”. So, the same DNA which may cause you to look like your mother is the same DNA which may be the cause of your addiction. Advancements in genome technology are helping scientists further the development of the study of just how our DNA plays a part in addiction. But, for now, we know that those with a family history of drug or alcohol use are up to 50% more likely to develop an addiction on their own.

The Common Tie Between Mental Illness and Addiction

Mental illness is so commonly paired with addiction that it has many terms. Often referred to as dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders, experiencing mental illness and addiction simultaneously may be more common than not. While some who experience mental health issues may have done so as a result of addiction, in most cases, mental health issues were present before the development of an addiction. And, the reason may be one which isn’t so difficult to understand. Negative thoughts and feelings which come from mental health issues may be overwhelming. And, seeking help for mental health issues may be something individuals may feel embarrassed about. So, instead of seeking true, effective help, many who suffer from mental health issues seek to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Eventually, self-medicating using potent drugs leads to the development of addiction.

Traumas as Underlying Causes of Addiction

A traumatic situation is one which can change the way that one sees the world. And, sadly, it can be the reason why the world changes for so many. Those who experience trauma are at a higher risk to seek self-medicating behaviors like using addictive substances. This may be because individuals don’t feel as though therapy will be effective in helping them deal with trauma. Or, because individuals have attempted other outlets to move on from a traumatic circumstance and have failed at obtaining healing. Either way, individuals find that the numbness of using addictive substances helps them to escape the reality of their trauma for a short time. And, eventually, this self-medicating behavior can become an addictive behavior.

Help for Those with Family History, Mental Health Issues, and Experienced Trauma

Whatever the causes of addiction in your life, you must know that it’s not an excuse for you to not get help. There are individuals in recovery with all sorts of causes to their addiction. And, their past did not determine their future. If you have a family history of drug abuse or addiction, your genes do not have to determine your fate. Furthermore, if you’ve developed addiction as a result of self-medicating mental health issues, dual diagnosis programs are effective in addressing both mental health and addiction as they play off of each other. Finally, if you’re the victim of trauma, counseling paired with a number of treatment methods has proven successful for many. Don’t let the causes of addiction be the reason you don’t get help! If you need to talk to someone about getting the help you need for an addiction, give the Lily Pad of St. Augustine a call today at 561-758-1011.


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