Life After Rehab: Gaining Employment

Life After Rehab: Gaining Employment during Recovery

Throughout active addiction and an inpatient stay at an addiction rehabilitation facility, you may not have held employment. While some employers are negotiable when it comes to taking time for recovery from addiction, others may not be. So, gaining employment may be your number one goal for life after rehab. It’s normal to worry about finding a job in recovery. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do as a recovering individual to help get the job you want and need!

Keeping a Positive Outlook on Job Opportunity

As a result of past drug use or addiction, you may feel like you won’t be qualified for jobs. Or, if you have a gap in your employment history due to a stay at a rehabilitation facility, you may feel as though you won’t be given the chance you need to succeed. And, there may be employers who interview you who are deterred by your recovery. But, you shouldn’t be put down by these situations. It’s important to keep a positive outlook on your chances for gaining successful employment. This way, when you do go in for an interview, you showcase the confidence in yourself a potential employer will need, regardless of your past.

Consider Transitional Employment in Between Jobs

If you’re looking for a career-type job with all the bells and whistles, it may take longer than you’d like. And, this isn’t because of your past. It’s because the job market is a competitive atmosphere with many jobless individuals and few qualifying jobs. So, while you practice your patience and perseverance searching for your long-term career, consider finding temporary work with transitional opportunities. Transitional opportunities, while they may be temporary, can help you maintain the funds you need to live a healthy lifestyle in recovery. Transitional jobs are nothing to be ashamed of. If you need some time to find a job, there is nothing wrong with finding temporary work to help you pay the bills. These types of jobs can best be found through word of mouth, social media, job websites, and even walking around downtown areas.

Looking for the Right Job that Suits You

While you are employed transitionally or continuing with recovery efforts, you’ll likely be putting in applications for a more secure career. But, how do you know where you are going to apply? Before you start looking for a permanent position, there are a few things you should ask yourself first including:

  • What are some things about previous jobs I liked?
  • What are some things about previous jobs I didn’t like?
  • Do I have any the qualifications and experience required to apply?
  • Do I have a goal for where I want to be 5 years from now?
  • Is there an industry I’d like to build a career in?

Asking yourself these questions will get you to understand what you really want in a career. After all, a job is temporary. What you really want is a career to grow into so that you can build long-term success from inside industry walls. So, to find out where you’re going, ask yourself questions which will help you to determine your own career goals.

Getting Help with Employment During Life After Rehab

You don’t have to go through life after rehab alone. In fact, you shouldn’t. Overdose deaths are highest for individuals who have recently completed a stay at a residential treatment facility. That’s because relapse rates are highest in the earliest days of recovery. So, it’s suggested that individuals who have recently completed a stay at a residential treatment facility seek additional help with sober living environments. Here, individuals don’t only get further protection and support to help prevent relapse, but they also receive help with gaining employment.

Sober living homes may provide resources like resume help job interview preparations, and help with relevant applications. Additionally, they provide motivation and hold residents accountable for not only remaining sober but meeting their career goals during life after rehab. Looking for a sober living environment? Give The Lily Pad of St. Augustine a call today at 561-758-1011.


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