Prescription Addiction Affecting Women More than Ever Before

prescription addiction affecting women now more than ever before

As the opiate epidemic is still raging upon Americans, researchers are grasping to find answers to the cause and remedy of this terrifying life taking chaos. Although men have always been affected by prescription addiction in greater numbers than women, the investigation is showing that in the past few years the number of women with a prescription addiction has increased greatly and rapidly. Now more than ever, women with a prescription addiction need help.

Women and Prescription Addiction Statistics

According to a study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a sector of the United States Department of Health andprescription addiction affecting women now more than ever before Human Services, “Deaths from prescription painkiller overdoses among women have increased more than 400% since 1999, compared to 265% among men”. Additionally, compared to 6,600 deaths in just 2010, currently, there are about 18 cases of prescription overdose deaths in the American women population every day. And it’s not only deaths women with a prescription addiction are experiencing. Every woman that dies of a prescription overdose represents another 30 women that must seek medical help for a complication resulting from their prescription abuse. Although both sexes are experiencing huge increases in prescription addictions rates every new coming year, women are quickly bridging the gap between the difference in gender addiction numbers.

Why is this Increase in Women Prescription Addiction Occurring?

Along with providing statistics that prove that the number of women in our country being affected by prescription addiction is rising, the CDC’s study also provides information about how women are affected differently than men when it comes to taking FDA-approved substances. Compared to men, women may be more likely to:

  • Become tolerant to prescription drugs faster
  • Have chronic conditions that result in a habit forming medicine prescription
  • Be prescribed habit forming medications at a higher dose
  • Be prescribed habit forming medications for longer periods of time
  • Shop for doctors that prescribe habit forming medications

prescription addiction affecting women more than ever beforeWhy are Women Affected by Drugs Differently Than Men?

Another study performed by the Harvard Medical School found that although men are more likely to become addicted to addictive substances, women go from tolerance to dependence to addiction to a drug much more quickly than their male counterparts. This is believed to be true due to a slower metabolism and varying fat to water ratios found in the body in comparison to men.  

Gender Specific Treatment Options for Gender Specific Healing

Traditional methods of addiction support have been put into place based on research done on the male population. Because women are affected differently than men when it comes to prescription medications, shouldn’t support options be tailored to women specifically? The Lily Pad of St. Augustine, Florida believes so, which is why they provide gender specific prescription addiction help for women across the nation. Being founded by women, The Lily Pad understands needs that addicted women need throughout addiction recovery. Features of their gender-specific facility include:

  • A luxurious and accommodating residential environment.  
  • Case managers that deal with patients specifically and according to their needs.
  • Live-in house managers to promote accountability.
  • Life skill education to help patients assimilate back into society.
  • Comprehensive and individualized plans from pre-admission to discharge.
  • Assistance with detoxification, inpatient/outpatient treatment, and sober living options.

prescription addiction affecting women now more than ever beforeIf you or a loved one is a woman struggling with an addiction to a prescription medication, help is available to you today. Call The Lily Pad of St. Augustine for a confidential consultation about our services at 561-758-1011 any time of the day.

There is Hope for Women!

Because women are prone to becoming addicted to prescription drugs sooner than men, they should seek support sooner. Of course, this is not always the case and women are more likely to take their time seeking helpful opportunities. Waiting to get help could be fatal, so if you have a prescription medication and are recognizing the symptoms of addiction in your life, don’t become one of the 18 women that die each day from a prescription overdose. Be part of a better statistic. One that states that women have a higher rate of recovery success and are less likely to relapse after receiving addiction support.


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