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The Lilly Pad Levels

The Lilly Pad developed a Level System to chart the progress of each individual.  Each level is laid out to help  women recover from drugs and alcohol through our supportive environment. Our requirements allow women to know what is expected of them in each level. This system empowers women by allowing them at each level to have their independence regained.

Just like the 12 Steps The Lilly Pad Recovery Program is about progress, not perfection. The goal is to achieve overall growth and improvement, making long term sobriety possible. When women make an honest effort and put real work into their recovery program, the progress is clear. As women advance through the recovery level system, trust is earned, freedom is granted and more privileges are allowed. The goal of the Level System is to effectively develop greater self-responsibility and independence, creating a solid foundation that promotes freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Level 1 | Mind

2 Week Minimum

This is the introductory period for new residents to get settled. Transitioning to a new sober living residence can be overwhelming so we ensure our arriving residents feel welcomed and comfortable by taking the time to really get to know them. In these first few weeks, a resident will learn what to expect from our program and get acclimated with the staff and peers in the house. Goal setting is an important part of our intake process because it helps women get through the early stages of recovery in a new environment. Women will work to make progress on these goals throughout their stay at The Lilly Pad. Women in this phase will attend local 12-step meetings daily and collect numbers from women for potential sponsors, a crucial step to every recovering alcoholic and addict. Each resident is assigned a staff member who they will meet with weekly in the initial few weeks  All intake processes at outside clinical services will be completed during this time frame to stick to the continuing care plan from the referring treatment center.


  • Complete all intake processes at The Lilly Pad
  • Complete all intake processes at identified outside clinical service providers
  • Agree to comply with all program rules and regulations
  • Have at least one meeting with Case Manager (if one is assigned)
  • Attend all community meetings
  • Attend daily twelve-step meetings for the duration of this level
  • Obtain a sponsor and have a home group.


  • Residents are to limit phone contact with family during this level
  • Overnight stays off property are not permitted during this period
  • Understanding our Permission Process System
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Level 2 | Body


Women start to become more active and engaged in personal recovery and responsibility.  At this level, women go over their education and skills to build a resume, look into applying to college or vocational schools, or take part in volunteer opportunities in our local area.  Progress made on achieving goals is reviewed with staff.  Women become acclimated in their community and learn to develop their schedule.  12-step meetings will still be attended daily, a home group established for accountability, and steps 1 through three are expected to be completed with a sponsor during this phase.  Women to start to get around on their own and requires less help getting to places. Their independence increases and self esteem in turn will be increased.  Following all Lilly Pad policies and procedures must be maintained in order to move on to the next level. Upon completion of this level, staff will determine if a resident is prepared to advance to Level 3.



  • Comply to all rules at The Lilly Pad
  • Continuous abstinence from all drugs and alcohol
  • Ongoing attendance and participation in all outside clinical services (if required)
  • Progress made toward each resident’s individual career/academic goals
  • Join 12 step home group and attend regularly
  • Attend twelve-step meetings daily
  • Attends all Lilly Pad community meetings
  • Resident shows responsibility in daily scheduling
  • Completion of  steps 4 – 9 with a sponsor
  • Understanding and utilization of Process Request System
  • Daily utilization of Sign In and Sign Out Forms



  • All residents on this level may only leave grounds with staff or approved senior peer. The only exception would be an approved permission process that directly relates to career/academic goals.
  • Families will participate in all scheduled family conferences and continue to honor goals set in Level I as it relates to their own therapeutic issues.
  • Family members will regularly attend local family support systems such as Al-Anon, CODA, BALM, or any community based support group for family members impacted by addiction.

Level 3 | Spirit

60 Day Minimum

Level  3 is when our residents really start to implement all that they have learned in previous treatment  along with the first two levels of our program. All of the structure, support, and accountability that they lived in the earlier levels are put to the test in Level III. The women here will begin to find their place in their recovery support. They will start to have more freedoms. With having many new freedoms this could stir up some new behaviors, some good some bad. This is all part of the process. We must allow them to have the opportunity to make a good decision as well as make some poor decisions. The growth happens when they see head on where they made a mistake and learn from it.  With these freedoms they will be able to pick what meetings they wish to attend along with, leading  12 step meetings and speaking at  12 step meetings.  They will at this time be actively enrolled in either work, school or still may be working with a therapist.

Recovery is not a race. They are all going down their own path at their own speed.  Whats important is that they are moving in the right direction. Each resident at this level will share their experience, strength, and hope with their peers.


  • Consistent in following all the rules at The Lilly Pad
  • Resident must show consistent ability to balance schedule and maintain recovery priorities
  • Continuous abstinence from all drugs and alcohol
  • Ongoing attendance and participation in all outside clinical services (if required)
  • Share personal recovery story of experience, strength, and hope to peer group at The Lilly Pad
  • Attends all required Lilly Pad House meetings
  • Continued recovery through completion and daily practice of steps 10 – 12 with a sponsor
  • Resident participates in any scheduled family conferences, including a discharge family session
  • Upon completion of this level, staff will determine if an individual has successfully completed residence at The Lilly Pad.


  • The Lilly Pad staff, family, and resident must meet for a family conference where the resident presents her plans for transition.
  • Family members will regularly attend local family support systems such as Al-Anon, CODA, BALM, or any community-based support group for family members impacted by addiction.
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