Why Sober Living can Make or Break Your Recovery

Why Sober Living can Make or Break Your Recovery

Many people have the wrong idea about sober living houses. Otherwise known as halfway houses, many people are under the mistaken impression that these are houses for criminals and the homeless. When you are in recovery from drugs and alcohol, sober living is actually an incredibly positive place and one of the best things you can do to help yourself stay sober. It is all about finding the right house and making sure you put your sobriety at the forefront of everything you do.

A Sober Living Home, Explained

Forget any preconceived notion you might have in your head about a halfway house. A halfway for people coming out of treatment is completely different than a halfway for hardened criminals, and you will not be around those kinds of people is you choose to live in one after your treatment.

A sober living home is a place where people in recovery live together while they work to get back on their feet and re-integrate into society. These are working, functional people who happened to have an issue with drugs and alcohol. Living in a halfway house shows commitment to staying sober, because they have strict rules and a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, so there is strong motivation to not mess up. If you do, you are out. It is as simple as that.

Most of these homes are gender-specific, and we suggest that you avoid the ones that are not. Being among all women or all men allows you to focus on your recovery instead of the opposite sex. Also, it makes for a more supportive environment where women can be themselves and so can men without worrying about impressing anybody.

Sober living homes also set standards for the people who live in them. For example, you will be expected to take care of your living space and your personal appearance to make sure you are up to standards and not slipping into old, bad habits. You will be expected to be looking for work or have a job depending on your personal situation. Also, you will most likely be expected to attend a minimum number of 12-step meetings per week to ensure that you are staying on track. You will also have a curfew to ensure you aren’t staying out at all hours of the night, and you will also be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol.

Sober Living Exists to Help You in Your Recovery

All of these rules and standards sober living homes set may seem mundane and at times annoying but they exist for the sole purpose of helping you stay sober. Without them, you would be left to your own devices and this is exactly why so many people who return home after rehab end up relapsing. The right halfway house will keep you accountable for your actions. As a bonus, you’ll be surrounded by peers who are going through the same thing. You’ll be able to support one another when times are tough and also create close friendships with people who have walked similar paths as you.

This kind of housing is a strong part of an extended treatment plan once you have completed treatment. It is a way to keep on top of your recovery while starting to re-immerse yourself into the “real” world. People who do so too suddenly often fail. This happens because while Why Sober Living can Make or Break Your Recovery you are in treatment you are sheltered, and going back to the outside exposes you to people, places, and things that are all filled with temptation. A Halfway house bridges that gap and gives you the additional support you need during this transition.

Sober living is a wonderful option for anyone who has recently completed a treatment program for drug or alcohol abuse. In many cases, it is considered a necessary step towards recovery. Because it is so important, make sure to do your research, visit different homes, and find the one that works best for your unique situation.

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