What Sober Living for Women is Really Like

sober living for women

Are you transitioning from a residential treatment and need a place to continue recovery? Sober living for women is a great option for females who have recently completed certain levels of addiction treatment care and want to keep on track with their recovery lifestyle. It’s always suggested that individuals in the early days of recovery seek additional help instead of jumping back into old environments and lifestyles. This is because many of the overdose deaths that occur do so in these earliest days following a treatment stay. Sober living for women gives females in the days of early recovery not only the resources they need to stay sober but protects them from the high risk of overdose by reverting back to past settings and behaviors.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a place where individuals who are in their earliest days of recovery (immediately post treatment) can live surrounded by individuals with the same goals in mind. Sober living homes are usually gender-specific, meaning that they are strictly females or males living in a single home. Sober living homes, although provide a living environment, actually offer a lot more than just a place to rest your head. They continue offering individuals in recovery the resources they need to live life sober like counseling, medication management, and 12 step meetings.

What are the Benefits of Living in a Sober Living Home?

Relapse Prevention: One of the biggest reasons why sober living is such a great idea after treatment concludes is relapse prevention. Individuals throughout active addiction have learned to live consumed in a lifestyle of bad decision making and personal abuse. It takes time and practice to learn to live a completely new lifestyle. Sober living is this practice living within a lifestyle of self-acceptance and love, while also providing the resources and education to provide every individual with their best chance for a life of sobriety success. Additionally, with the right kind of support and motivation, individuals are less likely to turn back to drugs, fall into the process of relapse, and need to go back into treatment.

Support: Without people there to support us, we are only motivated by the self. And all too often, the self falls short. It’s imperative to have support within the recovery community while living in recovery yourself. This way, you will always have an ear to speak to and a shoulder to cry on that understands where you are coming from. Additionally, supporting others with similar needs to your own can help develop healthy communication and relationship habits.

Transition: Often times, individuals who have recently completed treatment do not have careers, jobs, or completed education. Sober living allows them to continue to focus on recovery while also developing a career or degree. Career resources and counseling can help these individuals involved with sober living for women to find, get, and attain the goals for their lives.

What is it Like in Sober Living for Women?

Typically, sober living for women is located in a house with up to 10 other individuals. Women living within the home are supervised by a live-in residential case manager that will have no tolerance for drugs or addictive behaviors. At each location of Lily Pad, women have the opportunity to attend 12 step daily meetings, take part in monthly activities, and benefit from morning meditation. To determine the length of stay, participants will undergo an initial assessment to determine how much previous treatment has been received. Once determined, individuals are invited to stay for 2 weeks, 30 days, or 60 days at a sober living home. To complete each program, individuals must:

  • Demonstrate they can stay sober by adhering to drug testing
  • Show that they can manage both recovery and outside responsibilities
  • Demonstrate that they can follow the rules of the sober living home
  • Show that they can attend all meetings and scheduled family activities
  • Show that they are active in completing the 12 steps of their recovery
  • Be considered ready to leave the sober home by a staff of Lily Pad addiction specialists

Do you think that you may benefit from sober living for women? Give Lily Pad a call today to speak with an addiction specialist about your next recovery step at 561-758-1011!


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