Spouses of addicts can do more harm than good to a loved one’s sobriety journey. So, it’s important for spouses to understand how to support recovery. Your wife may have been fighting the addiction battle for a while. But now, she is finally on the road to recovery. You want to be there for her in the very best way possible. But, maybe you aren’t sure exactly how to help and support your spouse. There are a few things that she needs from you. Once you learn how to best help your wife, both of you will experience the benefits of recovery.

Tips for Spouses of Addicts

Learn more about addiction. Knowing the signs, symptoms, and struggles of addiction will help you better understand what your wife is going through. It will better enable you to help her.

Encourage your spouse. No doubt, she feels sad, angry, even guilty about her addiction problems and wishes more than anything to recover from them. Let her know that you believe in her and show her that you will support her every step of the way. Notice and encourage progress. Building her self-confidence and letting her know that you also have confidence in her will encourage her more than you know. Try to notice the little things and give her compliments.

Learn when to say “no”. This can be very tough for a spouse. It is hard to see a loved one struggle with addiction. But, sometimes, it’s even harder to watch them recover from it. Perhaps, throughout the relationship, you weren’t sure how to prevent your spouse from getting involved in drug or alcohol abusive situations. But, now is the time to help your spouse by being her strength. Sometimes, your firm love will be the best thing for her.

Talk to her. Be honest, be truthful, and be open. Your spouse needs to know how you are feeling. But, be sure to listen to her needs as well. It is important that you hear what she is experiencing so you can better understand her recovery process. Be patient with her as this is a very new point in her life.

Promote positive futuristic goals. Don’t harp on past issues. Your spouse knows that she has made mistakes. But, let the recovery journey be one that you both can use as a peek into the bigger and better future you will have.

Stay healthy. You must take care of yourself in order to be a help to your wife. Just as her health is important, yours is too. Keep fit, physically and emotionally. If necessary, find a great counselor who can assist you through this process.

Be forgiving. It’s easy to think about the hurt you have endured as a result of your wife’s addiction. Feeling that hurt is understandable. Just remember that your relationship will not progress as long as there are open wounds from the past. There may be some things that you need to talk about with your counselor and other things you may need to share with your spouse. However, do your best to forgive your wife, knowing that she is doing her best to change for the better. Encourage her to forgive herself as well.

Do what’s best, no matter how challenging it is. If your spouse feels that the best option for her recovery success is to change her environment, support her decision. She may need to attend an addiction treatment facility or seek therapy options. It may be difficult for you to part with her for the required length of time. But, continue to think of the positive changes that will occur as a result of her having the help she needs.

Recovery Help for Your Spouse at The Lilly Pad

The recovery process is a difficult one. It can be taxing on marriages and relationships. The good news is that you do not have to go through it alone. The Lily Pad of St. Augustine is dedicated to helping you and your spouse on this road to recovery. We offer sober living environments and other resources for both spouses of addicts and recovering individuals. Let us help your wife and, in turn, help you. Contact us today.