How Yoga Courses can Help Recovering Individuals

How Yoga Courses can Help Recovering Individuals

Throughout addiction recovery, you’ll be surprised to find that abstaining from use of drugs and alcohol isn’t the only thing you’ll be focused on. Addiction comes with a number of harmful side effects. One of those side effects is what it does to the mind. And, simply stopping the use of drugs or alcohol doesn’t heal the mind. So, throughout recovery, you’ll need to implement a number of coping methods. Through these methods, you’ll be able to train your mind to handle emotions you’ll face on a daily basis without the utilization of addictive substances. One great way to enhance and maintain the mind throughout addiction recovery is to utilize yoga courses.

What is Yoga?

Before you can dive into yoga courses as a way to enhance your sobriety, you’ll need to know what it is. Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years, but has been adopted as an alternative method for healing here in the the Western world. It originates from North India, and has been a staple in holistic practices since the beginning of its history. Yoga involves stretching movements which utilize the body’s weight as a method for building strength. These stretches are paired with slow breathing and meditation to tie the physical movements with mental stimulation.

Physical Benefits of Yoga Courses in Addiction Recovery

Undoubtedly, one of the most easily recognized benefits of yoga courses is physical. Because yoga is practically stretching using the body’s weight, you’ll gain flexibility. And, you’ll keep getting more flexible with each course. Stretching is great for the muscles and can even help to reduce pain within muscles. Also, although yoga seems to be simple, it can actually become very advanced and challenging. It’s a workout–one which can help to strengthen the entire body!

Health Benefits of Yoga Courses in Addiction Recovery

Along with the muscle training and stretching that helps your physical health, yoga can also help to reduce risk for heart disease and stroke. That’s because it benefits circulation of the blood. This, in turn, helps the blood transfer more oxygen can even help with concentration. With all the negative consequences that addiction has on health, yoga courses are a great way to work on regaining health in addiction recovery.

Emotional Benefits of Yoga Courses in Addiction Recovery

Undeniably, the best benefits of yoga courses for those in addiction recovery are the emotional ones. The reward system of an addicted individual is off because of the developed tolerance to a drug. So, working on gaining back natural reward responses to daily behaviors is something that each recovering individual needs to work on. The slow breathing and exercise included in yoga courses is believed to release natural pleasure hormones within the body. For a recovering addict, this can mean better mood regulation, reduced stress, and even feelings of inner peace.

Use Yoga Courses throughout Your Recovery Journey!

Many sober living environments encourage and provide the use of yoga courses throughout recovery for residents. This includes The Lily Pad of St. Augustine! If you are interested in learning more about entering a sober living environment which encourages growth and healing through a number of methods, including yoga, please visit our website! Or, give us a call today at 561-758-1011.


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